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August 26 ,2011

It’s not only about CR-Z

I sometimes check “SNS”. ^^;

I just wounded what people think bout our products. ^^

I sow some people say they had scratch when they changed their bumper・・・(x x)
It’s really shocking isn’t it?!


Yes it is.

Our bumper is not that low. You would not say “WOW”.

However some car has priority of efficiency and design, so they have low vehicle height and longer reach of bonnet.
Of course there are normal sizes of vehicle height to fit customer needs.

I think more aggressive one has low vehicle height and longer reach of bonnet.

If you have normal bumper and low vehicle height, need to be careful.

Especially, when you are in or out from convenient store or parking area.

That’s clap to have a scratch with it.

When you have this situation like to park difficult area, you should go for slope approach is better.
Like you car not moving, and close to outline as much as you can.

Then when you almost have a scratch, you need to carve your car head to 30° from 45°.

So that, you can avoid the scratch.

Then you will drive carefully, and get clear.

You shouldn’t get so scary, because it comes out the scratch.

The reason is you might have more brake and nose become low and then… bang!

This skill would not get that much scratch and you will understand how you get the scratch.

If you didn’t have following car, it’s better to check when you come to the lowest points.

Or maybe you want to put a camera on your car?!

Oh, I saw the products which protect bumper, but it reaches lower vehicle height.

Be careful about this. ^^