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September 21 ,2011

Triple Third Prizes♪

We support Gymkhana Championship this year as well.^^

Masaki Nishihara CWEST・BS・WRXSTI GRB SA3 class
Kazuteru Kawawaki Dunlop Charger lancer CZ4A SA3 class
Masahiko Tanimori ADVAN Morimoto TODAlancer CZ4A SC class

If we got first prize on this Omuta round, we keep wining 10years.

This year 2011, Tanimori won the game.

He is winner!!


—–Please give me your pics, Mr Tanimori :D ——

Also, SA3 class, CZ4A (driver Kawawaki) he keeps top during this season.
This Omuta series, he became champion! Congraturations!


This time, Omuta round Nishihara from GRB got first prize.

CONGRATURATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (* ̄∇ ̄)/゜・:**:・゜\( ̄∇ ̄*)

Some people might already check HYPER MEETING.

I hard he had quite hard time, so it was great to hear he won this game.
When he is at CZ4A, it was hard for him as well・・・I guess he had frustration, because he needed to develop new car while there are no precedent and fewer cars compared form recent days.

Our company was almost same situation when we had Z33 Super Takikyu race, we are not the one to be on the victory stand.

However, I really grad if I see the same car as yours on the race.
I feel like my car on the race!
What next cars?? Good luck for you!