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January 18 ,2013

Pre-Order starts (^^)V

Pre-Order starts (^^)V
C-WEST JAPAN starts to accept the pre-order for TOYOTA 86 and HONDA CR-Z body kit.

Estimated Time for Delivery will be
Front Half Spoiler
Side Skirt
Rear Half Spoiler
FRP・・・・・・・・・・End of February~
FRP+CFRP・・・・・・End of February~
CFRP・・・・・・・・ End of February~
ABS・・・・・・・・・ March~April
Rear Spoiler
Front Half Spoiler・・・・March
Side Skirt・・・・・・・・・End of Feb~March
Rear Diffuser・・・・・・・End of Feb~March
W Center Exhaust Pipe ・・・・・February
Rear Spoiler・・・・・・・・・End of Feb~March

We will update BRZ soon!

September 25 ,2012


86/BRZ GT-WING NEO、GT-WING ALMINIUM2 is on sale now (in Japan).

Sorry for the late update ^^;

It could use the original installation hole, if the car has a original wing.
And also we provide the horseshoe shape stay to increase the strength fro the truck.
Plus, if your car has no original wing, we can give you the FRP stay to punching a hole for FREE!
Please let me know if you have any questions and purchase order♪

August 16 ,2012

BRZ Latest News♪

Sorry for the late update m(__)m
We finished to produce BRZ Body Kit^^
However it made off FRP, actuall item will made off ABS. We will use this FRP for advitisment and marketing for a while\(^o^)/

We borrow the vehicle from

「KIT SERVICE」which is located in Ohta city Gunma Pref♪

Thank you so much!!

Please see the pics below which is taken by KIT ↓↓

It fresh looks, we don’t take a picture front like this ^^
See more pics, please go to the link, this blog

this blog

July 31 ,2012

BRZ development~

Thank you for waiting!
We has been developing Body kit for SUBARU BRZ.
It made off ABS. it is light and good quality. Also it might be more reasonable??
Well, we did not decided the price yet.
We made the FRP one first and will paint tomorrow.
Will update soooon(^o^)/

June 05 ,2012

BRZ AERO PARTS is under development.

Dear SUBARU fan…

we are sorry to start developing on 86(TOYOTA) m(__)m

BRZ AERO is under deveopment now too.

will update on this blog, check it out^^