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July 12 ,2011

Movie GoPro shooting test part2

Today we had running test at Okayama International circuit for S resistance car.

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July 11 ,2011


Front bumper for CR-Z is really hot these days.

But because of the design, purity of haulage of fuck doesn’t work.

This product is for circuit.
But it wouldn’t for haulage fuck, whatever, so we made adapter for haulage of fuck.
We had many order for bumper thank you very much, but on the other hand fuck… not so much.

On our web site for bumper, we already show, maybe because of the price things, but it’s better to have fuck as well.

Not only for circuit soukoukai, if you have the accident, fuck should be there definitely.

JAF also need the fuck.

Please consider about this.

July 05 ,2011

Prius α test drive

I have reported about Prius α last time and I had test drive this time. -back in the mountain-
You may already know, the car is seriously quiet.

I tell you, we need to show we were in test driving,
so we had to add extra sound button which to be 25km/h!!

I realized maybe because of the fuel things, even we set apart from gas pedal the speed would not less quickly, and in other way, even we push the gas pedal the speed come out slower compared form other non-eco cars.

When we are driving in the mountain, driver might think Prius doesn’t have enough power,
so they have “Power Mode”.

Only we should do is to switch the button, then we can feel like we are in completely other car.

In addition, Prius α have two different types of cars which are for 5 people or 7 people for ride, we can choose whichever we want to suite our life style.

Do you want one for your family? ^_-

July 04 ,2011


Today we reported the reporter.

The main car 35R has aero kit from C-WEST.
The car will be on the magagine.

What do yo think of R35 GT-R?? Cool isn’t it??

Please check R35 product here but only Japanse sorry again

May 28 ,2011

Super Taikyu 2011(28th May)

Rode itself is dry but there is dull air. (>_< )

Super lasting performance Sugo assumed run 3 and total assumed total run.

Today we had heavy fog and the race was 10mins delay.

It was really dull whether and the road got wet and dry vice versa. The road condition was not stick. Anyway, our TWS TRACY C-WEST LEXUS IS350 ranked 6th as a total. It had 3 assumed run.
The car had several test run in different circuits, and we set it out to make it better.
It was not that bad time difference between top but we don’t satisfy the time.
We have a plan to make it better car, so hopefully the car have more race and overcome the problems and getting better. Tomorrow is final race.
It is important to have good time while we are in elimination race, but we have many rounds so we never know what happen.