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May 21 ,2013

CR-Z New Items!

We C-WEST USA started to receive the order for CR-Z New items which made off ABS.
ETA will be on July. (ETA in Japan will be on June)
We have gotten lots of inquiry regarding them, especially rear diffuser.

Please contact with us if you would like to reserve it or have any questions :)
We will keep updating on this blog or Facebook!

January 18 ,2013

Pre-Order starts (^^)V

Pre-Order starts (^^)V
C-WEST JAPAN starts to accept the pre-order for TOYOTA 86 and HONDA CR-Z body kit.

Estimated Time for Delivery will be
Front Half Spoiler
Side Skirt
Rear Half Spoiler
FRP・・・・・・・・・・End of February~
FRP+CFRP・・・・・・End of February~
CFRP・・・・・・・・ End of February~
ABS・・・・・・・・・ March~April
Rear Spoiler
Front Half Spoiler・・・・March
Side Skirt・・・・・・・・・End of Feb~March
Rear Diffuser・・・・・・・End of Feb~March
W Center Exhaust Pipe ・・・・・February
Rear Spoiler・・・・・・・・・End of Feb~March

We will update BRZ soon!

January 14 ,2013


Tokyo Auto Salon was held in this month.

C-WEST Booth was so crowded^^Thank you for coming.

May 29 ,2012

Center Dual tailpipe exaust system for CR-Z.

It passed the noise test. it is coming soon♪

Rear Difuser made off ABS with paint too^^
We are considering about the color now. If you have any inquiry, please let me know.

The LOGO made by laser, not punch anymore.

May 11 ,2012

【Painting work】CR-Z 3 piece♪

Dear S@Mie Pref.

Thank you for waiting.
Your new Front Bumper, Side Skirt and Rear Half Spoiler have been painted perfect!
We will ship it out tmrw ^_^

January 23 ,2012


CR-Z hood is HOT these days.

I mean that is getting popular, not temperature hot.

Its duct looks orthodox.

However it is concerned smooth exhaust system very much by appropriate place and width.

And the Tumor increase Inside Air Effect by opposing wind.

I have no idea how many ppl understand such a function Cuz it doesn’t need this engine cooler system in this season.

But I am Sure it is very useful in this summer!!

well, Why don’t you change the Bumper too♡

January 15 ,2012

TAS2012 ended.

Thank you for visiting our C-West stand at Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.
We have a lot of visitors not only from Japan but also from overseas. (Read more…)

September 24 ,2011

Beautiful clear autumn sky

Can I say clear autumn sky like this wheater?

Electro wave doesn’t reach my iPhon, because I was in the hard of the mountain. (Read more…)

September 09 ,2011

Many holes

Several times I have asked about, I will show you our back side. (*/∇\*)
(Read more…)

September 05 ,2011

Turn back

It’s not about game it’s about engine: occur in reveres

Because of the ECU program which control of assist morter for Hybrid car is not apropriate.

When the assist morter baterry become low or high temperature, it leads lack of erectricity.
If you have car break down at that time, ECU will work even if you have car break down.

It means the engine still rerease erectoric power.

If the moter’s occur in reverse happen in this situation, the car might move opposite way which you want to.※Japanese

Honda DAA-ZF1 CR-Z ZF1-1000028~ZF1-1027138
24 th 12 2009~14h 6 2011 only 7,783 6MT