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August 26 ,2011

It’s not only about CR-Z

I sometimes check “SNS”. ^^;

I just wounded what people think bout our products. ^^ (Read more…)

August 22 ,2011

Report of HYPER REV CR-Z

Last Sunday, 21st I have been to “Sodegaura forest way” it was first time of my life.

Other thing
First time of “Aquiline”
First time of “Cypridina hilgendorfi”

There are many “First” but my 4t transporter’s car navigation has been broken, so I used iPhone map.

The thing is the navigation is not for 4t transporter, so it’s not appropriate rode and
setimes quite narrow for this kind of car.

Anyway I could manage to drive.

The report day was rainy but there are may organization and attendants so the report goes well.

August 17 ,2011

CR-Z Rear Diffuser

As I already talked about this before… (Read more…)

August 10 ,2011

Report of CR-Z off meeting & demonstration car

21th Aug 2011 at Sodegaura forest raceway(Japan),
we are going to have an event called CR-Z off meeting and
demonstration car by Hyper Rev magazine \(^o^)/ (Read more…)

August 08 ,2011

Blog things?

Recently several times I had very hard rain when I was driving speedway.

Not only I was driving mountain, it was driving amazingly it was just around 1km circumference had hard rain. (Read more…)