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September 19 ,2012

Grade UP

Super Taikyu Race don’t finish in 2 hour.

GoPro’s battery was dead during the race at last time, Okayama. So we decided the grade up.

Here is the extra battery pack!

I am looking forward to use this for next race in Suzuka!!

Opps, it must be just 1 hour race. lol



June 18 ,2012

New item!?

We just got a GoPro2 which is avale to adjust angle!^^!
Not only Japanese Comedian, Degawa but also C-WEST are heavy user.
It is very small tho, has a HD movie.
We secure that everywhere on a car, and record the exciting movie.
will update on the Youtube soon.

Left:GoPro Right:GoPro2

April 07 ,2012

86 is coming

We got 86 with the license plates.

Wow!! Look at this! Beautiful white body with black bumper!!!

Oh no!!
I’m not talking about this one!
This is old one.
I like it but it’s not what I’m talking about.
Yes!! I’m talking about this!!

Now, It’s time to tune!

December 30 ,2011

End of Year

Winter holiday has come technically today.

However… (Read more…)

December 24 ,2011


The whole city has that Christmas feel to it~♪

This is what I sent in these days. (Read more…)

September 16 ,2011

Our Web Site

We organized our HP top page. ^^

Here FB

Yes we added C-WEST FACEBOOK.

No one can’t stop put on “like” button, can you?? ^^hehehe

It’s a little compulsory. lol

Still up to you of course.

If you would like to. (^^;)


September 06 ,2011

Used Clothes

Recently many people wear used clothes and they wear nicely~

I didn’t have good image for used things before・・・。 (Read more…)

September 02 ,2011


Talas is the 12th typhoon which is on Japan especially around Kinki area now.

If you want to know how to name on the typhoon, look at here.

You will understand that?!

Our staff was heading to Kanto (around Tokyo) because of their job.
With 35GTR lol

The car is bran new, but it has wide tire and small amount of chase…The whether forecast said we are going to have quite lots of rain and now there are regulation
Of the road, but they are not blocked. I hope they are fine.

Then about us, we need to prepare for our meeting on Sunday.

We are going to pick up displayed car tonight・・・(>_< )
It will be hard rain but we need to work on that.
So I am going to wear C-WEST rein wear.

And long rain boot.

I’m worring about tomorrow, because we have departure・・・

August 26 ,2011

It’s not only about CR-Z

I sometimes check “SNS”. ^^;

I just wounded what people think bout our products. ^^ (Read more…)

August 25 ,2011

Eating Blog☆

We had a heavy rain at Shizuoka and Shinkansen didn’t work about an hour. (T T)
We stuck at Shin-Osaka。。。 (Read more…)