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September 08 ,2012


EVO 7, 8 and 9 is still popullar.

As for C-WEST body kit, it is installed by many fans^^

This is for Mr.H @Okayama.

We will ship this out in a few days!

August 31 ,2012


R35 GT-R WIDE FENDER is best selling in these days.
It just fits rear tire.
There are 2 material choice FRP and CFRP.

CFRP is sold little more. And it is incl clear paint.
Unfortunately, we don’t have GT-R installing the CFRP Fender.

It must be so cool :)

July 14 ,2012

[Painting Work] R35 Front Fender CFRP

Dear PP@Kyoto,

Thank you for waiting,

R35 Front Fender CFRP has been just painted now.

We are working for polishing soon^^

June 01 ,2012

【Paint work】FD3S RX-7

Sorry for no post in these days, it was little busy on paint booth m(__)m
Dear M @Akita Prefecture
RX7(FD3S) Front/Rear Bumper are very popullar for long term!
However Side Skirt did not be ordered… I wonder which brand he choosed ^^;
please wait for a little while, it is being painted now.

May 11 ,2012

【Painting work】CR-Z 3 piece♪

Dear S@Mie Pref.

Thank you for waiting.
Your new Front Bumper, Side Skirt and Rear Half Spoiler have been painted perfect!
We will ship it out tmrw ^_^

March 13 ,2012

Painting now

Imprezza GDB applied A/B Front Bumper.

C-WEST product is Black primer so it is so hard to see the black painting on this pics.LOL

So, I took a pic the back side (?)

we cover the paint surface with soft buffer material to protect^^

Dear S @Kyoto

It will be by tomorrow.

Thank you

March 12 ,2012

Painting now

It will be CR-Z Festival today.
CR-Z Front Half Spoiler
To TM2@Gifu Prefecture.
Center frap is not on this pic cuz it made of CFRP and not painted.

CR-Z Side Skirt
TO S.H@Shiga Prefecture.
We did great job, this pic is fuzzy tho.

In the end,
CR-Z Front Bumper
To a dealer@Kagawa Prefecture

Every painting work product was most popullar color “premuam white”
By the way, CR-Z user doesn’t call to car shop?
Car shops and Tuning shops, please keep up the good job

March 02 ,2012

Painting Now

Thank you for waiting !

BH5 Eyeline Garnish@Osaka

January 31 ,2012

Painting work

BH5 D Front Grill for Mr.O in Chiba prefecture.
it is early shipment. we have shipped it with our whole heart.

just relax. we don’t charge for our whole heart;)

January 16 ,2012

Painting work

we are sorry for no posting for long time.

[Painting Work] has come up.

Today is “S15 eyeline” for customer, Mr.K.

We has shipped it today. ETA is tmrw.

Thank you for waiting.^^