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August 31 ,2012


R35 GT-R WIDE FENDER is best selling in these days.
It just fits rear tire.
There are 2 material choice FRP and CFRP.

CFRP is sold little more. And it is incl clear paint.
Unfortunately, we don’t have GT-R installing the CFRP Fender.

It must be so cool :)

July 14 ,2012

[Painting Work] R35 Front Fender CFRP

Dear PP@Kyoto,

Thank you for waiting,

R35 Front Fender CFRP has been just painted now.

We are working for polishing soon^^

June 05 ,2012


Thank you for waitin~

R35 GTR FRONT WIDE FENDER is on sale Now! C-WEST USA too!

10mm (≒0.4inch) wider on both side.

So Genuine wheel/285 tire will be covered completely!

Of-cause no problem on the car inspection♪

You can choose from FRP or Carbon.

Huge duct will help the braking action on the circuit:)

February 17 ,2012

Bangkok International Motorshow

Cyber GT-R will be displayed on Motor Show in Thaniland.

It is one of the biggest motor show in Asia^^

He is changing the clothes and nakid now. LOL

Will let you know the detail on this blog!

February 04 ,2012

【Cyber GT-R Project】keeps ongoing.

“Cyber GT-R Project” which we announced in Auto Salon 2012 keeps ongoing by producing Wide Front Fender.

Finally, the prototype was complete and installed on mainbody of GTR. It was OK ^^

We will display the demo car at “OSAKA AUTOMESSE” .Don’t Miss it

It might be retrofitted for “Cyber GT-R”.

November 16 ,2011


GT-R was covered by publishing company :)

It was under a clear autumn sky, clear enough to find a UFO .lol (Read more…)

September 20 ,2011

R’s MEETING 2011 in FSW

This Sunday I have been to Fuji Speed Way again.

This is third time in this month. lol (Read more…)

September 17 ,2011


「R’s MEETING」 will be held on 18th Sept at Fuji Speedway.

The detail is here.

C-WEST is going to put aero kit to 35GTR.

This one was prepared for GTNET event.

The cars are normal car and SPEC-V, two cars. ^^

Front half spoiler. CFRP
Side step      CFRP
Rear under fin   CFRP
Trunk hood    CHC(Dry carbon+Honeycomb composite)
Wing for R35   CHC(Dry carbon+Honeycomb composite)
ADVAN wheel
ENDLESS caliper&rotor
ENDLESS ZEAL car suspension shock

【Nomal car】
Front half spoiler  CFRP
Side step      CFRP
Rear under fin   CFRP
parts of wing for R35 spl. painting CHC(Dry carbon+Honeycomb composite)
ADVAN wheel
ENDLESS  caliper&rotor
GTC original customize dumper
We are going to put these and heading to this event. ^^

September 07 ,2011

R’s Meeting 2011 in Fuji International Speedway

We are going to have an event of GTR “R’s MEETING” on 18th Sept at Fuji International Speedway.

These days we are having nice whether sticky, humid summer gone.

In the morning and night hour fell little cold.

If the whether is nice, the out side event is quite suitable. ^^

This time C-WEST is going to show new car which is GTC’s(GTNET TECHNICAL CENTER) demonstration car.

The car is R35 with full aero kit and wing.

I have already talked about our blog the rudder is same color with body.

Please check it. ^^

August 26 ,2011

It’s not only about CR-Z

I sometimes check “SNS”. ^^;

I just wounded what people think bout our products. ^^ (Read more…)