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July 28 ,2011


I already mentioned about facebook last time!!

We are making it better little by little. (Read more…)

July 27 ,2011

Super Taikyu Rd.2 Fuji 2

The car is really really small because it was too far to take a photo.

So I took this car with high image quality and I did cropping. (Read more…)

July 27 ,2011

Super Taikyu Rd.2 Fuji 1


I didn’t focus on girls.

I tried to take photo of car then there are girls! (^◇^)

I’m shay guy so I can’t take a photo of girls(・・。)

July 25 ,2011


I@ Saitama

Your painting has been progressing.

You just need to wait until tomorrow to become clear dry.

We don’t push them to dry, we use natural force.

Don’t rush wait calm.

We will be able to ship another few days, so please wait and can you brush up your car?

July 25 ,2011


Last weekend, the Super Taikyu race at Rd Fuji was held.

This race was really different compared from last one which held at Sugo.

As you know this one was famous for long straight and
high speed corners are there except end of the corner.

From our study, such as test driving or opening race of Sugo,
we choose our setting as down force for wing,
but this time, if we got more down force, the car speed might become slow,
so we choose balance of flap and shape.

This study came out form test at Okayama.

We took many data from this driving test, and we finally could use these at this driving.


July 22 ,2011


The typhoon is gone and the whether getting humid・・・

Under controlled temperature we paint, but sometimes we got many things to do.

We need care about myself also.

Anyway, I attached image.

BH bonnet antique

I@ Saitama

We finished this product faster than we expected.

Then we are preparing to paint.

We have other order (thank you very much) so this product is in the queue.

Please wait m(_ _)m

July 21 ,2011



“Front bumper” no it’s Facebook

We are on Facebook please search as C-WEST^^ (Read more…)

July 19 ,2011


On July 16th 「CR-Z CIRCUIT MEETING 2011 in TC1000」 was held
But, I couldn’t watch the game.(T-T)
The reason is, the demonstration car was on oversea business trip.

This is a picture in oversea.
During race, Nishihara is always drive as a pace car his website is here.

We call him teacher, because he teaches driving lesson.
I want to join the session sometime, so please remains me if you have time. ( ^ ^ )

July 15 ,2011

Connection Business blog

Hi, there.

N Yama @ B company (Read more…)

July 12 ,2011

Movie GoPro shooting test part2

Today we had running test at Okayama International circuit for S resistance car.

(Read more…)