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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/4/

April 23 ,2011

To all the loyal C-WEST fans and race enthusiast.

To all the loyal C-WEST fans and race enthusiast.

This is Naofumi Omoto the president of C-WEST.

C-WEST is located in the Kansai area. So we didn’t receive too much damage from the earthquake and tsunami but

there are problem because of the nuclear power plant. Unfortunately it is very big trouble for Japan and also for the world.

The country of Japan has been very thankful for the donations from all over the world.

We are hoping for a speedy recovery.

C-WEST UAS, we are been carefully planning on increasing and make our company more effective,

so we are planning to deliver our products more quickly and adding new products.

Please expect it our best efforts in this area.

From now on, we will try to better communicate our philosophy, development, new products and the life here at C-West through our blog.

Please stay tuned, we are planning to have Tarzan Yamada our loyal partner to participate in our blog.

Please stay tuned for more interesting and fun information from our blog.