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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/5/

May 31 ,2011

Fuji Racing and Outlets Sale!!

9th June we are going to have racing at Fuji speed way Japan.

NAPAC organize this event.

C-WEST is now joining ASEA(Auto Sports and Special Equipment Association).

The member of ASEA, are trying to spread excellent quality of products to after parts market. Also, we are aiming to eliminate defective or bad quality product. The ASEA is a member of NAPAC (Nippon Auto Parts After Market Committee), so that NAPAC organize this racing event.

This racing event already has done 11times and every time the prizes are fantastic.
The member of organizations are quite a lot, and the corporation of organizations are also many. That is why the grade and volume of prized have excellent quality. In addition professional drivers also drive a car with participants.

Very nice racing event isn’t it??

Also, some of the parts from are quite rare company (not normally in the outlets).
You might get rare parts with amazing price!

May 30 ,2011

Unexpected Things

I have got involved to invent GT-WINGⅡS.
When I saw the driving with IS, it looks rally good.

May 29 ,2011

Super Taikyu 2011, Elimination game & Final Round(29th May)

Sugo Super Taikyu 2011 first game Elimination game: A Drive.
Light rain.

Today we are going to link-up this game and HP. Have fun!

Elimination B
When we were in the middle of the game (grope B),
the oil was splashed to the road, so that we had to quite the game.
It was too dangerous to continue.

Interim Total Result

Final Round –just before start –
Yoshimoto started

Final 12LAP

Final 26LAP
The was whether getting better and we prepared the dry tire.

Final 55LAP
In addition we prepared SC, tire and driver change.

Final 68LAP

Result of Sugo Super Taikyu
We had S, because of heavy fog and it was not get any better so the game was cancelled.

Awards of Super lasting performance Sugou
second class

Today was really long day for us thank you for being with us.

May 28 ,2011

Super Taikyu 2011(28th May)

Rode itself is dry but there is dull air. (>_< )

Super lasting performance Sugo assumed run 3 and total assumed total run.

Today we had heavy fog and the race was 10mins delay.

It was really dull whether and the road got wet and dry vice versa. The road condition was not stick. Anyway, our TWS TRACY C-WEST LEXUS IS350 ranked 6th as a total. It had 3 assumed run.
The car had several test run in different circuits, and we set it out to make it better.
It was not that bad time difference between top but we don’t satisfy the time.
We have a plan to make it better car, so hopefully the car have more race and overcome the problems and getting better. Tomorrow is final race.
It is important to have good time while we are in elimination race, but we have many rounds so we never know what happen.

May 27 ,2011


Today we are having opening ceremony for super lasting race, and now we are in free run.

We have test run many times, but this time,
other team who see our car very first time also have interested to our car.

Audi R8 will run today, we should keep eye on it!!

May 25 ,2011

Waste materials

Our top Highace is performing well as moving vehicle while we have many race to go.
It already covered ground 100,000km.
Even dry, wet or snow, it runs quite amazingly.

To adapt bad condition, we do maintenance using oil as a daily treatment.
What we do for millage as a special care: WAKOS RECS ( rapid engine cleaning system)
This products can clean up burner.

It looks like taking intravenous drip. (^▽^)

I am going to check the efficiency when the Highace go into action.

Oh, I also need have this kind of special treatment…

May 24 ,2011

We are now on Yahoo shopping!!

Now you can see C-WEST at Yahoo shopping.

Yahoo shopping.(※Sorry, Only available in Japan.)

We only put iPhone 4 cases (;^_^

We are going to put car pats quite soon, so please check it!

In addition, our Japanese HP has been renewaled and we are ready for paint.

But soory this service is only for Japan at a moment.

May 23 ,2011

SUPER GT First game in Japan (Okayama)

I had a job to see Okayama International Circuit.

However, when I arrived, rain… It was really heavy rainy day from early morning.
As you can guess, morning free run washed out and the time schedule has been changed dramatically.

Then the warm up car race of EV.
There are many non muffler cars ^^
That was much better car race which I was expected, because I could hear squeal and cutting wind sounds.

Just after GT race started, and 500classed were rolled into.

There are another race in Malissia and I think they are going to ship in few days, so there was no big crash.