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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/6/

June 30 ,2011


Hi, there thank you for your orders!
Today I would like to let you know how your painting going.

BE5 A,B,C EYE LINE J@ Ishikawa Prefecture 
SXE10 EYE LINE   J@ Aichi Prefecture 
BP5 EYE LINE     ○○

We are ready to paint so please wait for a while^^

June 29 ,2011

Hot Hip♪

Do you often see this hip normally?♪

It’s black so you might not be able to see clearly. (Read more…)

June 28 ,2011

Kintaro Ame

It’s a Japanese sweet which is long.

It does normally drown picture and even we cut, everywhere is drown same picture. (Read more…)

June 23 ,2011

Cycling for Work

Recently many people care about ‘ECO’ and using bicycle to work place is becoming major.

Sometime our office become like this.

People who come to office by bicycle is called GITETUU or TOURKINIST
There are varieties of bicycles, and Tokyo is normally crowded so people changing from car to bicycle.

When I am driving bicycle, I try to care about car as much as possible.

However I realized some car driver do not care.

Especially morning time, there are many high school students and workers driving bicycle, this is very dangerous area I think, but some car driver using mobile phone or listening music while they are driving.

I do hope they drive nice way…

June 22 ,2011

Rainy season

Do you see CR-Z as a normal situation recently, don’t you?
The most major one is white, but when I driving express high way, I see orange one. (^^)
(Read more…)

June 21 ,2011

User gallery.

It’s very nice to know when our customers ordered our painting and then applied to our user gallery.

Some customers supposed to get the products on the weekend, but they already applied by Monday.

It means they put on our products on that Sunday??
Then they took picture and applied?!
So quick isn’t it?!

I am really happy to know that!

Even you already applied, if you could take better picture, you can apply again♪

*sorry this campaign is only in Japan

June 18 ,2011


When we had Napac Soukoukai last time, there is Yaesu publication and it is familiar with CARBOY.
(Read more…)

June 17 ,2011

Finally I’ve got spy photo?!

I didn’t use disposable camera, but it’s a little vague. The picture is not clear.

It looks like toy ca, isn’t it?? (Read more…)

June 16 ,2011


In recent years, some oversea companies release HV.

Prius α(fuel cost 31km/L) debuted.

Next is Fit Shuttle (30km/L)
More people are changing to HV.

PV and PHV are one of the famous cars.
Matsuda produced SKYACTIV-G!

There are no mortar (30km/L) which is amazing. 
Surprisingly, the pressure power ratio is 14.

Is there anything which we can change??
OK, I will do re-examination.

June 15 ,2011

♪Lancer Evolution Camapign♪

As you can guess form our top-page, we have started “LAN-EVO campaign”
EVO has been using varieties of situation: 7, 8, 9, racing car, tuning car, and time attack machine.

It’s not only be using as a demonstration car for our company, but also famous car shops are using.

We are always users side, for instance how efficient and also how easy to maintenance. This is our vision.

This campaign is for everyone who is in Japan and you just say you want to join for this campaign and you will
get present.

When you order something you should say which one you want. This campaign is not only for luxury product,
eyeline and canard are included in this campaign.

In addition, we are still offering user gallery, so please apply if you have Lancer Evolution. ^^

But soory this service is only for Japan at a moment.