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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/6/

June 14 ,2011

Reporter from Wagonist

About a year ago….??

“Wagonist” deals with not only minivan or wagon, but also Prius or Insight becuse of they are hybrid cars.
In addition, this time they picked up CR-Z also. (Read more…)

June 13 ,2011

Next stage (*with sounds)

We are performing sunding and we almost finished basement as well.
Mr T for Saitama, we will send your product earlier than we expected.

Please whait for a while.

YouTube Video

June 10 ,2011

Painting Progress

Now we have painting orders.
Mr H in Saitama and Mr Y in Kagoshima.

Please wait for a while.
We have alredy finished basic paint.
It’s very beautiful ^^

June 09 ,2011

NAPAC Soukoukai & Outlet Sale at Fuji Speed Way

In Fuji SW, we didn’t have rain, but it was cold outside if we wore T-Shirt.
We had 14 organizations which are member of NAPAC for this event and they were all good prices.
C-WEST also sold many products with special price. \(^^)/
My boss was almost angry, because that was too chap. (>< )

Mr. Okuyama’s demonstration car

We are going to upload the detail of this event in event report page, so please look at it.
Next NAPAC supposeto hold on Sept.
I am already looking forward to having this event. ^^

June 07 ,2011

Snip \(^o^)/

This Thu 6th June, we are going to have an event which called Fuji Soukoukai from NAPAC & outlet. (Read more…)

June 06 ,2011

It’s like a future racing car

Today Nissan and NISMO showed EV car (Leaf) especially for race at Sodegaura (forest raceway)

(Read more…)

June 06 ,2011

How to use Bubble Sheet♪

We use bubble sheets so often, to wrap aero parts carefully.
Only sometimes we can use this to be refreshed, is it Japanese style? Maybe you should try then you will understand??
(Read more…)

June 02 ,2011

Spy photo?!

What he is doing?? He looks like shooting gun, doesn’t he?!
Nope, he is painting car.

Today I got spy photo for painting, sorry for this common title.
Now we are painting our customer’s car, the product is front half spoiler.
Maybe this one is yours? We are painting other product which is not in this picture, is rear spoiler.
This one is other customer’s.
When it gets dry, we are going to spray clear, and then wait.
If it’s totally dry we can put these back to our customers!!

June 01 ,2011

More gifts here!!

We added more gifts for user galley!

You can use these as you like. We don’t need to say you can use neck strap for mobile phone.
You can use this for your children maybe ID card? Or strap for digital camera.
Oh, here is another idea for dog leash?? No????

Anyway you can use in any situation.

By the way I tell you the secret the most expensive one is emblem.
The reason is, this emblem carefully stitched and so this one is quite unique.
You can use this for your jeans pants or for children’s knee addressed things?
Anyway, you should put on your girlfriend’s bag, and then maybe she will leave.

Don’t do that!

This campaign only for Japan and you can apply from mobile also.
Please feel free to access.

Here is one thing please do not apply with another person car picture.