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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/8/

August 30 ,2011


I have a order form Mr.I@ Fukushima.
We are in final point.

We had a long holiday so it takes longer than we expected.
Please wait. ^^

August 29 ,2011

Super Taikyu Rd.3 Okayama international circuit

I’m worrying about this whether in Japan.

This time Okayama international circuit Rd.3 has been held.

We had cataract of rain, so course and back pit was really messed up.

I was there Saturday morning, the whether was fine though・・・。

C-WEST is a parts sponsor of TWS TRACY C-WEST LEXUS IS350.

From last time, it becomes

Renewed color

If it is renew only 50%, is not bran new isn’t it???

Anyway the PETRONAS Blue is clear. ^^

Oh, PETRONAS Blue, this is my idea. :D

August 26 ,2011

It’s not only about CR-Z

I sometimes check “SNS”. ^^;

I just wounded what people think bout our products. ^^ (Read more…)

August 25 ,2011

Eating Blog☆

We had a heavy rain at Shizuoka and Shinkansen didn’t work about an hour. (T T)
We stuck at Shin-Osaka。。。 (Read more…)

August 24 ,2011


I finally changed the spec of GRP bonnet. (Read more…)

August 23 ,2011

Report of GTR Magagine

WE had driver Aoki for GTR magazine report.

On 35GTR, it has exclusive use for 35GTR wing of course made by C-WEST, front half, side step and also rear under fin.

This time, the wing (between basement and wing flap) color is same color as body. As I said wing, the part is basement and radar!!

I have got many favorable comments. ^^

I used honeycomb to make this car looks like this, and this part is covered by dry carbon.
Daringly, I colored it was actually good.

Mr Aoki produced impression and he supposed to add this picture to his blog.

And, we spied him. :D

August 22 ,2011

Report of HYPER REV CR-Z

Last Sunday, 21st I have been to “Sodegaura forest way” it was first time of my life.

Other thing
First time of “Aquiline”
First time of “Cypridina hilgendorfi”

There are many “First” but my 4t transporter’s car navigation has been broken, so I used iPhone map.

The thing is the navigation is not for 4t transporter, so it’s not appropriate rode and
setimes quite narrow for this kind of car.

Anyway I could manage to drive.

The report day was rainy but there are may organization and attendants so the report goes well.

August 18 ,2011

You like C-West don’t you??

We have many apply for user gallery who is using our products.

I’m very happy about this, because it is much more than we expect. ^^

The gallery can have 3 pictures for 1 car1, so you can send us several pictures.

Maybe you can send another situation such as beautiful place or you add new parts.


Also, eye line, winker and other small parts if there are in the car, you can apply. ^^v

I look forward another pictures form you!!!!

※Sorry this is only for Japanese religion.

August 17 ,2011

CR-Z Rear Diffuser

As I already talked about this before… (Read more…)

August 13 ,2011

NAPAC Soukoukai in Fuji Speedway

NAPAC Soukoukai in Fuji Speedway will be held in this Fall.

The event sponsors are NAPAC, ASEA and they are going to sell after parts,
racing gear and other products at paddock with outlet prices!

Day after tomorrow, C-West is also going to prepare for this event.

Even you don’t join Soukoukai, everyone can buy products.

You can just ask about our products.

I look forward to seeing you there. ^^