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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/9/

September 30 ,2011

13th NAPAC Soukokai in Fuji

13th NAPAC Soukokai in Fuji

At C-WEST booth we displayed S2000 and R35(GTC demonstration car) which with C-WEST aero.

This time there were many applications, the total was more than 100 people.

The capacity wasn’t enough all of these people.

If you are the person who couldn’t join this even, please apply earlier next time.

After this Soukou kai, we had game.
We had many broads such as tire, bucket seat, aluminum wheel, brake pad, multi monitor.
Quite gorgeous isn’t it!? Very Hot!!

Another booth we had special outlet sale, so if you want to join, you just bring small money.
Check it out!

September 26 ,2011

NAPAC Soukokai in Fuji Speed Way

Next Wednesday we are going to have NAPAC Soukokai in Fuji Speedway. ^^

This is 4th times for me

This day we have Soukoukai, and at paddock many company are selling their products.

I saw people who buy products and use it at there.^^

This is not that big sale, but you might get special products as special price.

It’s good to check this event.

We are going to sell bumper which is not fit to bring it back to your house on the day. :D

Don’t worry we are going to send for you!

And… we are thinking to sell special good as excellent price. ^^

Please ask any question anytime. (^^)/

September 24 ,2011

Beautiful clear autumn sky

Can I say clear autumn sky like this wheater?

Electro wave doesn’t reach my iPhon, because I was in the hard of the mountain. (Read more…)

September 22 ,2011


Do you see this is aliens? Vartan?? Animated character???

This title is really very pesky, yes this is Evo things. (Read more…)

September 21 ,2011

Triple Third Prizes♪

We support Gymkhana Championship this year as well.^^

Masaki Nishihara CWEST・BS・WRXSTI GRB SA3 class
Kazuteru Kawawaki Dunlop Charger lancer CZ4A SA3 class
Masahiko Tanimori ADVAN Morimoto TODAlancer CZ4A SC class

(Read more…)

September 20 ,2011

R’s MEETING 2011 in FSW

This Sunday I have been to Fuji Speed Way again.

This is third time in this month. lol (Read more…)

September 17 ,2011


「R’s MEETING」 will be held on 18th Sept at Fuji Speedway.

The detail is here.

C-WEST is going to put aero kit to 35GTR.

This one was prepared for GTNET event.

The cars are normal car and SPEC-V, two cars. ^^

Front half spoiler. CFRP
Side step      CFRP
Rear under fin   CFRP
Trunk hood    CHC(Dry carbon+Honeycomb composite)
Wing for R35   CHC(Dry carbon+Honeycomb composite)
ADVAN wheel
ENDLESS caliper&rotor
ENDLESS ZEAL car suspension shock

【Nomal car】
Front half spoiler  CFRP
Side step      CFRP
Rear under fin   CFRP
parts of wing for R35 spl. painting CHC(Dry carbon+Honeycomb composite)
ADVAN wheel
ENDLESS  caliper&rotor
GTC original customize dumper
We are going to put these and heading to this event. ^^

September 16 ,2011


Thank you for your order.

Mr. S@ Saitama we are painting canard.

It’s on the final stage.

You will get this product shortly. ^^

September 16 ,2011

Our Web Site

We organized our HP top page. ^^

Here FB

Yes we added C-WEST FACEBOOK.

No one can’t stop put on “like” button, can you?? ^^hehehe

It’s a little compulsory. lol

Still up to you of course.

If you would like to. (^^;)


September 15 ,2011

Super Taikyu 2011 Series

Some people already know this.

Yesp, here we go. (Read more…)