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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/9/

September 14 ,2011

Seeing is Believing

There are pictures which on our web site, we have 5 cars at a moment.

*R35 GT-R will be added shortly!!

We are going to add C-WEST facebook site also.

We also take picture and add of cars with C-WEST aero.
Please check user gallery there are many cars with aero kit!

※Only the Japanese website

September 13 ,2011

SUPER GT Round.6 (Fuji Speedway)

I have been to the race called 6th SUPER GT Fuji Speedway and it was held on 10th and 11th.

The person who lives around Fuji, said in the morning and night time,
it’s already cold so we definitely need long T-shirt.

And this year we had may rain when we are doing race or event, so we prepared rain boots and coat.

We are ready for that. ^^v


We had no rain and the summer was back.

This time, I took pictures serially. Here we go.

Everyone can have excellent picture if we took like this?? Do you have any interested picture??

Oh, no there are limit with this 250mm telephoto.

Hey boss, please gives me more expensive one!!

These words are only on my mind. lol

September 12 ,2011

Open Car?

We join Super Takiyu 2011.

About TWS PETRONAS C-WEST LEXUS IS350・・・ (Read more…)

September 09 ,2011

Many holes

Several times I have asked about, I will show you our back side. (*/∇\*)
(Read more…)

September 08 ,2011

Give Away!! (only in Japan)

You may already know if you are constantly checking our blog・・・

Our package is like this!! (Read more…)

September 07 ,2011

R’s Meeting 2011 in Fuji International Speedway

We are going to have an event of GTR “R’s MEETING” on 18th Sept at Fuji International Speedway.

These days we are having nice whether sticky, humid summer gone.

In the morning and night hour fell little cold.

If the whether is nice, the out side event is quite suitable. ^^

This time C-WEST is going to show new car which is GTC’s(GTNET TECHNICAL CENTER) demonstration car.

The car is R35 with full aero kit and wing.

I have already talked about our blog the rudder is same color with body.

Please check it. ^^

September 06 ,2011

Used Clothes

Recently many people wear used clothes and they wear nicely~

I didn’t have good image for used things before・・・。 (Read more…)

September 05 ,2011

Turn back

It’s not about game it’s about engine: occur in reveres

Because of the ECU program which control of assist morter for Hybrid car is not apropriate.

When the assist morter baterry become low or high temperature, it leads lack of erectricity.
If you have car break down at that time, ECU will work even if you have car break down.

It means the engine still rerease erectoric power.

If the moter’s occur in reverse happen in this situation, the car might move opposite way which you want to.※Japanese

Honda DAA-ZF1 CR-Z ZF1-1000028~ZF1-1027138
24 th 12 2009~14h 6 2011 only 7,783 6MT

September 05 ,2011


The typhoon is gone. That one was big and the speed was slow so the damage became big.

I am sorry who has got damage with this typhoon… (Read more…)

September 02 ,2011


Talas is the 12th typhoon which is on Japan especially around Kinki area now.

If you want to know how to name on the typhoon, look at here.

You will understand that?!

Our staff was heading to Kanto (around Tokyo) because of their job.
With 35GTR lol

The car is bran new, but it has wide tire and small amount of chase…The whether forecast said we are going to have quite lots of rain and now there are regulation
Of the road, but they are not blocked. I hope they are fine.

Then about us, we need to prepare for our meeting on Sunday.

We are going to pick up displayed car tonight・・・(>_< )
It will be hard rain but we need to work on that.
So I am going to wear C-WEST rein wear.

And long rain boot.

I’m worring about tomorrow, because we have departure・・・