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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/10/

October 29 ,2011



there are so many topic about brochure of FT86 on the website today. (Read more…)

October 28 ,2011

Well Done!! Application of Car Navigation!!

I had a business trip to Tokyo and Yokohama by car!

However, the thing is…. The car doesn’t have car navigation・・・ (Read more…)

October 26 ,2011

Which one is the most favorite?!

There is iPhone4S big favor all around.

Did you alredy get that? (Read more…)

October 25 ,2011

Movie NAPAC Soukoukai

The NAPAC Soukoukai is added which held last month. ^^ (Read more…)

October 24 ,2011

Super Taikyu Rd.4 Suzuka

On 22nd and 23rd, there were two races which were Super Taikyu and WTCC at Suzuka circuit. (Read more…)

October 21 ,2011

Aero parts fitting

4Dr GVF is added to GRB Impreza at line nap.

This is same as last blog. ^^ (Read more…)

October 20 ,2011

Aero parts fitting

4Dr GVF is added to GRB Impreza at line nap. (Read more…)

October 19 ,2011

Which one you like Amazon or Yahoo!

People normally buy iPhone 4S/iPhone 4 case or carbon plate via credit card.

C-WEST’s product on the Amazon and Yahoo!Shopping^^ !!
(※Japan only)

You can buy whichever you like. It’s up to you!!

And, I put the case to my iPhone 4S.


October 18 ,2011

Is it S Taikyu or WTCC?? Or whether….

This Saturday at Suzuka, there are “WTCC KENWOOD Race of Japan 2011”
and Super Taikyu Series 300km at Suzuka will be held. Quiet long, isn’t it?? (Read more…)

October 14 ,2011

iPhone 4S

There are big fever for bran new iPhone and the terminal didn’t work well at that time.

I heard about these kind of things. (Read more…)