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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2011/12/

December 30 ,2011

End of Year

Winter holiday has come technically today.

However… (Read more…)

December 25 ,2011


Driving up to a mountain from our office…

There is no signal on my iPhone… (Read more…)

December 24 ,2011


The whole city has that Christmas feel to it~♪

This is what I sent in these days. (Read more…)

December 19 ,2011

on Dec 21st 7pm @Ginza Apple store!

“i Love iPhone 23″ is held on Dec 21st 7pm @Ginza Apple store.

This event includes “iPhone apps award ceremony”,
introduction of apps for Xmas and New Year and Talk show…etc.

And you know what,
We present C-WEST iPhone !!
*in a limited quantity.
You have a chance to get a Xmas present from C-WEST!!
Let’s go to the Ginza Apple Store.
Date:December 21st(wed), 2011 at 7pm.
Place: Ginza Apple store 3rd floor * Entrance free!!

December 09 ,2011

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Here is a new C-WEST Mobile case.

C-WEST ARMOR for iPhone4S/4. (Read more…)

December 08 ,2011

Brave action of Aoki who challenge the Tsukuba Time Attack.

I got an Email from Aoki :) (Read more…)

December 07 ,2011


Thank you for waiting.

This is your order, painted CR-Z Full Aero Parts.

I have taken a photo of SideSkirt, However I erased it by accident:(

Please wait for a while to receive it.

By the way, is it OK to install the Aero Parts in snow?!

December 06 ,2011

Painting NOW

To M@Mie Prefecture , ordered GDB Front Bumper.

Paint work is doing well ^^

We upped movie of paint work as a test♪


December 05 ,2011


I can not say anything…(X X) (Read more…)