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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2012/1/

January 31 ,2012

Painting work

BH5 D Front Grill for Mr.O in Chiba prefecture.
it is early shipment. we have shipped it with our whole heart.

just relax. we don’t charge for our whole heart;)

January 23 ,2012


CR-Z hood is HOT these days.

I mean that is getting popular, not temperature hot.

Its duct looks orthodox.

However it is concerned smooth exhaust system very much by appropriate place and width.

And the Tumor increase Inside Air Effect by opposing wind.

I have no idea how many ppl understand such a function Cuz it doesn’t need this engine cooler system in this season.

But I am Sure it is very useful in this summer!!

well, Why don’t you change the Bumper too♡

January 16 ,2012

Painting work

we are sorry for no posting for long time.

[Painting Work] has come up.

Today is “S15 eyeline” for customer, Mr.K.

We has shipped it today. ETA is tmrw.

Thank you for waiting.^^

January 15 ,2012

TAS2012 ended.

Thank you for visiting our C-West stand at Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.
We have a lot of visitors not only from Japan but also from overseas. (Read more…)