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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2012/4/

April 26 ,2012

86 Aero Parts under investigation♪

It is like this♪

April 20 ,2012


We got TOYOTA FR-S (86) deliveried a few days ago.

And had a driving test w/o tuning.

Aoki driver took a test on “Grade GT” and “Grade RC” with GT Wing Neo^^

C-WEST Aero Parts will be designed by using instalation hole for genuine soiler.

And also we are planning something else~

Driving Test

April 09 ,2012

Image of 86 aero dynamic parts

It’s already covered on our website and OPTION magazine.
I put a color in the illustration design of aero parts for TOYOTA 86 is made ​​by C-WEST TOYOTA 86.

It has very good suction noise.
So it is very fun to fumble, like where the duct is placed for Air-intake, how to install the Ram Air and etc.
It’s really fun to fumble.
We are going to update 86 and also BRZ to this blog and Facebook.
Check this out.

April 07 ,2012

86 is coming

We got 86 with the license plates.

Wow!! Look at this! Beautiful white body with black bumper!!!

Oh no!!
I’m not talking about this one!
This is old one.
I like it but it’s not what I’m talking about.
Yes!! I’m talking about this!!

Now, It’s time to tune!

April 01 ,2012

SUPER GT is over

The end of 500 class race was really awesome.
I’m looking forward to seeing next race in Fuji.