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BLOG C-WEST USA / 2012/6/

June 24 ,2012


Today, I’m here at Fuji Speed Way to shake down. will update the detail someday soon.(^∇^)

June 18 ,2012

New item!?

We just got a GoPro2 which is avale to adjust angle!^^!
Not only Japanese Comedian, Degawa but also C-WEST are heavy user.
It is very small tho, has a HD movie.
We secure that everywhere on a car, and record the exciting movie.
will update on the Youtube soon.

Left:GoPro Right:GoPro2

June 11 ,2012

86(FR-S) Complete

The data loggers, Touch B.R.A.I.N by BLITZ were installed for the test drive.

It is good for the logger check.

Fortunatery, RC grade has a good space for them^^

We don’t have any time to cover it with carbon plate.

Also we show the proto type body kit ♪

We choose Aoki for the driver, and kid-napped him when he just came back from Sepang. LOL

It was regratable result in the final, since he was on the top class at qualification race.

I hope he could turn a new leaf.

June 09 ,2012

86(FR-S)AERO TEST preparation

Need to prepare the minimum SPEC.

We got the parts from patners as soon as I contact with them♪

So today, we install the DIXCEL rotor and pad^^

The test drive will be held someday soon, It’s rainy outside.

We have more parts which we have to install. but it is my pleasure.

Thank you for your coorperation, everyone!

June 07 ,2012

86 (FR-S) C-WEST Aero Parts

Ready to next step♪

enjoy to strip a car(#^^#)

June 05 ,2012

BRZ AERO PARTS is under development.

Dear SUBARU fan…

we are sorry to start developing on 86(TOYOTA) m(__)m

BRZ AERO is under deveopment now too.

will update on this blog, check it out^^

June 05 ,2012


Thank you for waitin~

R35 GTR FRONT WIDE FENDER is on sale Now! C-WEST USA too!

10mm (≒0.4inch) wider on both side.

So Genuine wheel/285 tire will be covered completely!

Of-cause no problem on the car inspection♪

You can choose from FRP or Carbon.

Huge duct will help the braking action on the circuit:)

June 01 ,2012

【Paint work】FD3S RX-7

Sorry for no post in these days, it was little busy on paint booth m(__)m
Dear M @Akita Prefecture
RX7(FD3S) Front/Rear Bumper are very popullar for long term!
However Side Skirt did not be ordered… I wonder which brand he choosed ^^;
please wait for a little while, it is being painted now.